Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Raise In Poker

Knowing when you should raise at a US online poker game is very important. There are many reasons why you should do it but at the same time you must know when the right moment comes. Many of the beginner poker players will think that they should only raise the moment they have 2 strong pocket cards. However there are many other circumstances in which you should raise and by doing that you will be gaining a good advantage over the other poker players.

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Here we will cover 5 situations in which you should raise while playing No Limit Texas Hold’em:

High Pocket Cards: Eliminating hands: In case you received some premium pocket cards like AK, AQ or AJ we highly recommend you that you raise in order to take down your opponents. You should usually raise before the flop 4-6 times the big blind. This way you will be dragging down any other opponent that is planning to play some suited connectors.

Finding out more information: Another reason why you should raise even if you have some marginal poker hands in order to find out more information about what your opponent is playing. This US online poker strategy can be used before and after the flop, but it should never be used when you are dealing with ultra-tight players.

Get a Free Card: This strategy usually works at the Limit Texas Hold’em games, but it can be used in the No Limit poker games also. Before starting to use this strategy you must make sure that you have position on your opponents. In order to better understand it we are going to give you a simple example. Let’s say that you have passed the Flop with a Flush Draw and you just need one more card to complete it. The other player makes a bet and you will have to raise that bet. Next thing he will do is to check and you will follow that with a check. It might take some time to better understand this strategy.

Increase the Pot Size: Another reason why you should raise is to increase the current pot size. This way you will be increasing the total amount of money that you will win at a certain good hand that you have. In order to keep your opponents interested in the hand you will have to start by making some strategic bets.

If you will raise too much you might scare the opponents and they will fold and stop adding money to the pot. We suggest that you start by adding a smaller raise after the flop of 2X – 3X the big blind. This way the opponents will still be interested in the hand since they will feel like you are bluffing or just have a draw.

Bluff raise: The bluff could be a perfect reason why you should raise. This strategy is better used against the loose players but aggressive after the flop, that you usually find at the micro and low stakes. You should not abuse this US online poker strategy too much since it might transform your opponents into calling stations, a situation in which you stop winning.

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