Introduction to 6 Max Ring Games

If you would like to shift your focus away from the traditional full-ring games that you likely have already played at online poker rooms then 6 Max Ring Games might just be the game that you will fall in love with.

Most online poker players who are used to playing full-ring games with 9/10 players have a hard time adjusting to the aggressive nature of shorthanded 6-max tables mainly because you can’t just sit around and hope to get premium hands, the game is faster and the blinds come around a lot quicker.

[alert-announce]And let’s face it, the action can be boring at full-ring tables. 6-max provides the perfect balance between action and skill. Thinking about your opponent’s playing tendencies is vital in getting reads and accurate predicting what they are likely to do next. Check out Some 6 Handed Poker Here[/alert-announce]

6 Max Ring Games Short Handed

Short-handed play is more suited for the loose aggressive (LAG) online poker players who like to play a wider range of hands especially in position, and who are not afraid of making plays at the pot. It takes semi-bluffing ability and sometimes even pure bluffs to really dominate these aggressive games, because the majority of the time your opponents simply won’t have a hand, and either will you, but a bet will take down the pot!

I am not saying that you should play like a maniac; all I am saying is that it takes a more experienced online poker player who has some heart to play in order to dominate 6 Max Ring Games and win. If your style is LAG then you can really crush these shorthanded games provided that you do not get out of line too much and are good at making reads on other players.

With that being said, you really need to know your way around the post-flop streets, because you will need to be looking to win pots that are not rightfully yours, since you know you can’t have the best hand at showdown a lot of the time.

If the table is 6-handed, another good thing is that you can get in twice the number of hands, because a full-ring game gets on average about 30 hands per hour and that's pretty slow. If you are playing at a 6 Max Ring Games table you can play 60+ hands per hour. Of course, if you’re multi-tabling, you can get in even more hands per hour.


The problem with 6 Max poker Ring Games is the action can be too intense for those who have never dived in deeper waters. So instead of firing up four 6 Max Ring Games tables straight away, play at a single 6-max table so you can more attuned to the increased aggression, and then you can start adding more tables.

I know there is more to playing 6 Max poker online and beating them, that will come in other articles on this site, I just thought that I would share how much better the 6-max ring games can be, especially for those who prefer playing a more aggressive style. It can be a great deal of fun and provide a nice change up to the usual online poker cash games you play, and before you know it, it might be the primary ring game format you stick to.

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