Poker Success Is All Relative

Poker is a lot like arm wrestling, and that is why Poker Success Is Relative. How well you do in an arm wrestling match depends on both your strength and the strength of your opponent. Poker players tend to focus too much on improving their own strength so to speak, and don’t pay enough attention to the relative strength of their opponents.

This is even more important playing poker than it is with arm wrestling. When you win an arm wrestling contest, it’s an all or nothing thing, you either win or you lose. In poker though, the degrees of the wins and losses matter as well, and you can win or lose larger amounts depending on the degree of differences between your skills and the skills of your opponents, so this all matters even more.

Is your poker game struggling to take off? The key to success might lie in understanding how your situation impacts your game. This guide teaches you how to think in terms of relative success, making the right decisions to stay ahead of the competition. Learn the expert strategies and techniques used by pros to read their opponents, choose the right tables, and grow their bankroll. From bankroll management to table selection, these tips will help you master the art of relative thinking and become a true poker champion! 

It’s certainly wise to look to improve at the poker table, and we may actually benefit from playing against tougher players, at least some of the time. So this doesn’t necessarily mean you always want to seek out the easiest competition at whatever stake level you choose, but given that the ultimate goal is, or at least should be, to maximize your results playing the game, this is pretty fundamental overall.

The first decision that needs to be made here is where you are looking to play poker, the poker sites that you choose, and they do vary in terms of the strength of competition at them generally. Most players do not pay enough heed to this and this in itself can really limit your results.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to play at a given poker site, but given that one of the biggest goals is going to be doing as well as you can, the relative strength of the competition at a poker site generally is going to be a big deal for sure.

Back when I was coaching, perhaps the biggest thing that I did for my students was to have them playing at the right poker sites, and this in itself made a big difference, turning many players from losers to winners just like that. Of course I also taught them how to play better, but now they were in an environment where the competition better suited them, and that in itself made it easier to win.

Then, as they improved their play, they progressed even further, but instead of looking to bring them to the point where they weren’t losing anymore, it now became just a matter of looking to increase their winnings and their success. They were much happier, as you would expect.

To me, this is the foundation of a good poker site, and while some poker sites may have a lot of good things going for them, how easy it is to win at and to do well at is what matters the most.

Even if you aren’t at the stage yet where you can be profitable at even the easiest poker sites, this really matters, and in fact matters more, since we’re talking about losing less money while you are learning. If you make the wrong choices here you can end up going broke over and over, discouraged, and out of the game.

Regardless of where your game is at, poker site selection remains the biggest factor in your choice of poker sites, and it pays to pay close attention to the advice of experts like ourselves here.

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