Small Stakes No Limit Hold’em Strategy

Texas Hold’em is without a doubt the most popular poker game in the world, learn to win with our Low Limit Hold Em Strategy. However you spin it, the game that people want to play is Texas Hold’em. Some prefer limit games, some like the no limit variety. The small stakes NL Holdem tables are home to the worst players online poker has to offer.

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With the proper strategy and patience a solid player can earn a living grinding it out on these tables. the average flop percentages at these tables are typically 20-30% higher than the middle stakes holdem tables. This article focuses on the absolute most popular form of Texas Hold em available to players today:

Small Stakes No Limit Hold em Strategy

That’s right, with television influence and poker hitting the mainstream, the game most new players flock to is no limit Texas Hold’em. And being that most new US online poker players don’t want to risk their life savings on poker, they usually start at the low limits. This affords some excellent opportunities for the dedicated small stakes players to get in there and make some money. Read below for some great advice on beating low limit games.

Starting Hand Selection

Good players win at Texas Hold em because they know what hands to play and what hands to dump. A solid foundation in starting hand theory will put you on the track to success at Texas Hold em no matter what limit or style you play. There are however some important considerations for small stakes nl hold’em that are critical to keep in mind when you take on these games. Listed below are a few starting hand and other considerations for small stakes no limit games:

  • The best hands in the game are always the best hands in the game, no matter what format you are playing. When a premium pair or big slick blesses your sweaty hands (or computer screen), play it how it’s intended: Aggressive and unrelenting!
  • Small stakes games will yield more opportunities to play drawing hands like JT and 78 suited, take advantage of these situations when you are in the proper poker position. This is not an excuse to play 89 in a middle seat with an early position raise!
  • AK and other big face card holdings are best when there are few opposing players. Open these hands with a big raise or re-raise to discourage weak hands from entering the pot.
  • Never stop with AA or KK pre flop. It’s okay if you lose with these hands. It’s going to happen. Might as well get use to it when it’s cheap!

Bluffs teeter on the edge of uselessness when playing small stakes no limit games. Half of your opponents are skilled players trying to move up in limits, the other half is timid and afraid to use their money. Bluff when the opportunity is best. If your gut tells you to lay off, then lay off. The key to remember here is to bluff and use your money when the advantage is clear and the opponents are weak.

Other Considerations For Low Limit Hold Em Strategy

While starting hand selection is critical in getting your small stakes hold’em play on the right path, there are many other tricks to this tough game. One of the greatest advantages you have when playing small stakes no limit hold’em is that most of the players are poor or don’t have anywhere near the knowledge they need to be successful at the game. What this means is that despite conditions that might suggest otherwise, you need to play tight as hell.

You need to wait for the best situations to strike. Although weak poker games will afford you more opportunities to play drawing hands or other speculative hands, it doesn’t mean you can abandon the fundamentals of strong hold’em play. Tight and aggressive wins money, don’t forget it.

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