I bet you if this question were asked to a hundred regular poker players then not one single player would answer a “yes” to that question. There is a tendency to believe that we are better at poker than we really are simply because we have advanced beyond the “not knowing anything” stage. Let’s face it…..just because you know how to start a motor car and do basic maneuvers doesn’t automatically mean that you are safe to be let loose on a motorway does it? So just what is a poker fish? Well here is where it gets difficult because in US online poker then a “fish” is not necessarily a bad poker player.

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A poker “fish” is anybody that is –EV in the poker game that they happen to be sitting in. Have you heard the saying about the “tenth best poker player in the world”? If you haven’t then the saying goes that you can be the tenth best poker player in the world but if you sit in a game with the nine players who are better than you then you figure to lose money. So there we have a great example of a top class poker player being a fish when sitting in the wrong environment.

So this means that just because you have read a few poker books and used a few poker coaching sites and think that you know the game then you are in no way immune from being a fish. There isn’t a poker player alive that hasn’t been the fish at some stage. All it takes is a poor mind-set or several players leaving the game and better players sitting in and suddenly you can be the fish. Let me ask you a question, have you ever sat down in a poker game without knowing where the value is?

If you answer “no” to that question then I urge you to think again. If you automatically thought that your poker game was so good that you didn’t have to worry about who was on your table then you are either a world class player reading this or deluded and I really don’t fancy your chances of being a world class player…….do you?

If you don’t know where the value is then you are guessing and as the late great Amarillo Preston used to say…. “Guessing is for losers”. If you are guessing then you are gambling that the game is a good one and if you are gambling then you are not a strong poker player and if you are not a strong poker player then how do you expect to make any serious money?

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