How to Play Crazy Pineapple Poker

Crazy Pineapple is a Texas hold'em game very similar to regular Texas hold'em.There are only two significant differences in pineapple Texas hold'em, however, which do change the online poker game a lot.

In regular Texas hold'em, you start with two hole cards. In Pineapple, you start with three, creating many more possible good starting hands, and many more hands that can work with the flop.

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Just as in regular Texas hold'em, there is a betting round after you receive your hole cards, and another betting round after you see the flop. However, in Pineapple a very important change happens here. AFTER betting on the flop is completed, you must discard one of your hole cards.

Crazy Pineapple Poker Examples

For example, if you start with a hand of (8h-8s-Jh) and then see a flop of 10h-9h-8d, you have a pretty big decision to make. If you want to keep your open-ended straight flush draw, you're going to have to discard one of your trip eights (a pleasant dilemma, but a dilemma nonetheless). If you want to keep the trips, you need to throw away the the key card in the straight flush draw. You can play this game at Bovada.

Crazy Pineapple Poker really is an odd hybrid of Texas hold'em and Omaha. The average winning hands are stronger in Crazy Pineapple Poker than they are in Texas hold'em, because you get to look at more combinations on the flop. Occasionally you will make a stronger hand in Pineapple than you would have in Omaha, even though you get four hole cards in Omaha, because Pineapple does not share the Omaha “you must use two and exactly two of your hole cards in your final hand” rule.

For example, if your Omaha hand was Ac-Qd-Jc-10d, and the final community board was Ah-As-5c-5h-8c, you do NOT have a full house, but rather only trip aces with a Q-8 kicker, because you must play at least two cards from your hand and can't just add the ace in your hand to the two pair on board to make aces full of fives. In pineapple, had you kept an ace in your hand after the post-flop discard, the five on the turn would have given you a full house, just as if you'd started with A-J or A-Q in Texas hold'em.

You'll find Crazy Pineapple Poker a fun poker game to play, because of the extra strong flops and extra key decision about what cards to keep after the flop.

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