Calculating Odds In Poker

Calculating poker odds involves mathematics, for those who find math a little confusing (and there are many). The following brief article will help shed light on poker odds during different stages of the game. Keep in mind that these poker odds are for Texas Holdem but all games follow the same mathematical trend and so calculating the odds of winning and losing across most poker games is quite similar.

Poker odds

There are 19, 600 possible pre flop combinations and this is calculated after 2 cards are dealt. Once receiving 2 cards a player has a 1 in 50 chance of any card following next and this trend continues as the player has a 1 in 49 chance of the next particular card falling. Additionally, once a player is dealt 2 cards there are 20,118,760 possible board combinations. Find a Poker Rooms Allowing US Players and check out some of these hand combos.

Poker odds Pre-Flop

Once cards are dealt the poker odds change somewhat and it is important to examine the numbers:

  • Pocket Pair: Odds: 220 to 1. Chances: 1 in 221. Percent: 0.45%.
  • Any two suited cards: Odds: 3.25 to 1. Chances: 1 in 4.25. Percent: 23.53%.

Poker odds with a pocket pair

  • Flopping a set or better (with a pocket pair) – 7.5/1 (11.8%)
  • A full house – 136/1 (0.74%)
  • 4 of a kind Odds: 407.33 to 1. Chances: 1 in 408.33. Percent: 0.245%.
  • Making a set or better by the river – 4.2/1 (19%)

Poker odds with 2 suited cards

  • Flopping a flush draw: Odds: 43.5 to 1. Chances: 1 in 44.55. Percent: 2.24%.
  • Flopping a backdoor flush draw (3 flush cards) – 6.8/1 (12.8%)
  • Making a flush by the river – 53/1

Poker odds with 2 unpaired cards

  • At least a pair from two non-pair cards – 2.1/1
  • Two pair from two non-pair cards – 49/1
  • Any two pair from two non-pair cards – 24/1
  • Trips from two non-pair cards – 73/1
  • A full house from two non-pair cards – 1087/1
  • 4 of a kind from two non-pair cards: Odds: 9,799 to 1. Chances: 1 in 9,800. Percent: 0.01%.

There are definitely many more combinations and scenarios that can be calculated, yet all these poker odds follow the same mathematical formula. Knowing the amount of cards remaining in the deck, and the cards available to see, can significantly help you calculate the strength of a hand and perhaps determine the proper betting strategy.

Of course a person will need time and practice in order to calculate the poker odds. Furthermore  there are always other factors to consider in a poker game when you are playing on online slots like Bovada!

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