Winning With Suited Connectors

The only real way to win at poker is Winning With Suited Connectors. Although Aces, Kings, and Queens are all very strong and alluring hands, the reality is that the biggest pots will be won with Suited Connectors. When hands like 67 suited take down the big pocket pairs. Skilled players know how to get maximum value when they make a big hand with their suited connectors. Additionally they know when to give up on the hand. This balance will help you make the right decisions with suited connectors. To make the most possible money. Read on to learn more.

Winning With Suited Connectors Preflop

Preflop play really determines the outcome of the hand when it comes to suited connectors. Although these hands have potential to make really big post flow draws, you can’t play them every time because odds are that you’ll miss the flop completely. having to forfeit your preflop bets. There are basically two ideal times to come into a pot with suited connectors:

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The first is when the pot odds make sense. If you have 89 suited and four poker players limp in front of you, this is a great spot to get in for cheap and try to make a big hand. Since there are so many players in the pot, you are likely to get paid off if you make a hand, and it is only costing you one big blind to see the flop. Even if there is a raise this play could still make sense, because with four players entering a raised pot in front of you, there is going to be a lot of money in the there.

The second time it makes sense to play a hand with suited connectors is when you need to mix things up. Often times in tournaments you can go an hour without getting a playable hand preflop, and your table image will become really tight. In this case, you should make a raise or two with suited connectors because other players will put you on a big pair or two face cards, and if you hit the flop you will have a very deceptive hand. Even if the flop comes high, you can make a continuation bet and probably take down the pot because other players will think the high cards on the flop connected with your hand.

How to Play When you hit the Flop

It is important to know how to play suited connectors when you make a hand, because big hands like flushes and straights are only going to come around so often. When I hit the flop hard, such as making two pair or flopping a straight, I prefer to bet out. The reason for this is because if your opponent has a big pair like you hope, he’ll raise your bet. Then, you can either smooth call, or make a re-raise. Either way, the pot is already getting huge, with potential to get even bigger.

A lot of players like to check-raise in this situation, but I feel that it is a very transparent move and your opponent will likely see right through it. By betting out, you are indicating that you have top pair, and your opponent will think his over pair is good.

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