After a while you start playing more then one table in poker this is when Multi Table Poker Strategy comes into play. When you play poker online, you will quickly realize something, online poker is all about waiting for good hands. There will be a lot of junk you need to fold since you learned from the books to play tight. Consequently, you will often find yourself sitting out and doing nothing. This is when multi-tabling comes in.

Playing at several poker tables at the same time sounds crazy. And indeed many people will tell you no serious player should ever do this. But multi-table experts claim it is an essential part of successful online play. If you only play one game at a time, much of your online time is wasted. You will make less per hour than you can with multi-tabling. When multi-tabling is done right, it is much more profitable than single-table play.

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What To Consider With Multi Table Poker Strategy

Online poker profits are measured by the average money you earn per hour. A good multi-table player will earn less per game they play, since they can’t focus as much at each table, but more when it is all totaled up to a certain point. Say if you earn $10/hour playing at a single table, you may earn $8/hour playing two tables for a $16 total, $6/hour playing three tables for a $18 total, $4/hour playing four tables for $16, $2/hour playing six tables for $12, and playing seven tables you lose money. Play the number of tables that yield the most profits.

Multi-tabling requires quick decision-making. You have less time to decide on each hand, so you have to think fast. You still have a time bank for the big decisions, but the more experienced you are in poker, the better. If you're just a beginner, you're better off not multi-tabling to begin with.

US Online poker often comes with various bonuses and rewards. Multi-tabling lets you claim bonuses faster than if you just played single tables. If the point rewards system is generous, it is more reason to try multi-tabling.

Whats It About

Multi-tabling is not about “the more, the better.” Play only as many poker tables as you can handle well. For instance, if you can play Full-Ring No Limit Hold’em with your eyes closed, you can play more tables. But if you're new to Pot Limit Omaha, for example, you should stick to just two tables until you can play better.

Time is an important factor. You may make $30/hour playing three tables simultaneously. But if you are ready to quit after only half of that time, then obviously it is not a profitable approach. You would be better off with $26/hour at two tables for four hours.

Multi Table Poker Strategy can help you make more money from your time whilst grinding online poker at your favorite poker site. Just learn to balance the pros and cons and you will see it pays off more than playing single tables only.

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