The Benefits of Multiple Online Poker Accounts

The Benefits of Multiple Online Poker Accounts. Starting Out, It Can Make a Lot of Sense To Play At One Poker Site Only. Newer players generally will start out playing on one online poker site, often out of necessity, as they may only have a little money to start with and simply don’t have the funds to try out several online poker sites simultaneously.

This isn’t a bad thing really though, especially since you want to look to get maximum value from bonus offers, and in order to do that, unless you already have a big bankroll, this will require you to put all of your funds in one basket. If you want to later try out another site or sites and get more poker bonus money, then it may pay to move all of your funds over to these new online poker sites, in order to maximize the value received from these further bonus offers.

[alert-note]Bonus offers can definitely be nice if you are a newer player in particular, although even experienced players can certainly use a little extra bonus cash. You only get one shot at a welcome bonus per site, but you do get one, so there’s no sense leaving that on the table as long as the poker sites you are looking to try are solid and worthy of your time.[/alert-note]

Spreading out your bankroll too thin can also limit your options as far as what you can play, and especially what you can play safely. You don’t want to put yourself in a position where the stakes you are playing at won’t allow you to tolerate the normal ups and downs of poker, called variance, and this is why we look to have a certain amount of money to play a certain stake relatively safely.

So if spreading your bankroll across multiple sites causes you to need to play lower stakes than you would prefer, that’s not such a good idea. This will tend to both limit your enjoyment and limit your profits if you are a profitable player. Of course it may also force you to play stakes more suitable to your skill level, so this can have its positive effects as well, although you should not have to do this to play the proper stakes.

Expanding Your Reach With Multiple Online Poker Accounts

Once you get to the point where you can comfortably maintain more than one account, you should seriously consider doing so. As long as the sites that you are looking to have accounts at are of good quality, this move can make a lot of sense.

[alert-warning]This is particularly true if you are an online poker player from the United States, with a limited amount of good options. There are several good sites these days to choose from, including Ignition Poker, America’s Cardroom, and BetOnline Poker, and all three are very worthy of your having an account there, or at least trying them out.[/alert-warning]

The idea here is to be able to select what you want to play from more than one of these sites, and preferably all three. This move serves to expand your reach and turn one of these sites into two or three, and provided you have enough money to put in each, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing with these multiple accounts.

So now you not only have a lot more action to pick from, allowing you to play more tables if desired, you can also be more selective in what you play, for instance picking the best games from across these multiple sites.

In either case, whether you choose to have one, two, or three accounts, you do want to try these places out, and at least collect the bonuses they have to offer you, so that you can get some first hand experience at everything they have to offer.

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