Here in a list are our favorite beginner poker strategy tips in a short format:

Be patient. Fold, fold, fold.

We hate to be repetitive but trust us, doing nothing will save you money. The only times you shouldn't fold a lot is when the table is when you're only up against the few players and the blinds are costing you.

Don't be scared of no limit games.

No limit hold’em poker isn't as dangerous as you might think it is. Many beginners think you should avoid it since a player can go all-in anytime in no limit. But no limit is actually more profitable than limit. If you go all-in or raise four times the big blind in no limit, it's more likely that your opponents will fold. For the same reason, bluffing works better in no limit than in limit games. Hands will end sooner and you will win more pots if you play well.

Learn to read the board and your opponents.

Don't bet without making sure of your hand and the board. You might think your two pair or three of a kind is cool, but is there a possibility of a better hand like a full house? How is everyone acting? Is someone being unusually aggressive? Consider these factors before you make a decision.

Play tight but take advantage of loose play.

It's good for you to be tight, and for others to be loose. US Online poker is apt to be looser than in live casinos since it attracts different kinds of players. It's so much easier to just click the “call” button. And when you bluff stone-cold, no one has to see your face when the showdown reveals your 8-3 off-suit. So when you play online, beware of a tendency to play loose. At the same time, take advantage of others' looseness. There will always be maniacs who are donking off their chips.

Don't bet on a risky hand without checking the pot odds.

If your chances of making your hand are smaller than what you stand if you bet, you should lay your hand down. If you keep playing when the odds say it's not worth it, you will lose money in the long run Also be sure to use the best Bovada Bonus Code before signing up to a gambling site.

Remember: The pot odds must be better than the hand odds for a bet to worth calling or making. If your pot odds pay at 10:1 and your hand odds are 4:1, then obviously the hand is worth the risk.

Play against the same players whenever possible.

Because there are so many online poker rooms, it's hard to find the same players twice. If you can play with people you know, it's better because you have history with them and know how they play. Make notes as you do and use poker software to track information in the game. However a downside to this is if you play against the same people, they will get to know you too. Vary your betting patterns. Be unpredictable.

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