Check Raising in Poker

The check raise is a powerful message that a player is attempting to send to his or her opponent in the game of online poker. It can mean many things and can send different messages based on the texture of the board. When used effectively however, it can also add to your bottom line and fatten your online poker bankroll.

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Check Raising On The Flop

Assuming that pre flop action was pretty quiet with only a few players seeing the flop, a check raise indicates to the other players that you have hit a big hand such as two pair or top pair-top kicker. It’s also an effective way of getting more bets in the pot if you’re on a big draw. Typically if you’re on a big draw like a flush (4-1 odds), you want to build the pot to improve your expected value on this hand. This is a great way to get more bets in the pot, especially if your opponent has a made hand like top pair-top kicker.

Check Raising On The Turn And River

Typically, you need a premium hand here bigger than one pair to continue a check raise strategy post flop. If a player has called your check raise on the flop and continues to call or worse, re-raise you on the turn or river means that likely you’re beat. Of course, there are many variables here that go beyond the scope of this article but common sense should prevail. You really want a premium holding here with a set, straight, or flush to keep the check raise going to the river. Be careful of a bigger hand if the board has scare cards such as one card straight or flush unless you’re holding the nuts.

Check Raising An Aggressive Player

This is a great tactic when facing an aggressive player that bets many flops on sites such as acr poker, especially if he or she likes to make continuation bets. An example would be a player that raised pre-flop with over cards like KQ. You’re holding pocket 9’s and the flop is all rags with no over cards. You should check here because the aggressor is very likely to bet holding complete air. Typically your check raise will cause a fold here but be careful if the person calls your bet and a big card comes on the turn. If he or she now has hit their hand, they will very likely re-raise you if you attempt a check raise here.

Check Raising – Small Doses Are Best

Check raises are best used in choice circumstances when you’re holding a big hand, big draw, or feel that you can absolutely make a player fold a weaker hand. If you’re too aggressive yourself with check raises, the players will wise up and simply raise you back. This tactic will only cost you money in the long term so please use this tactic wisely. However, if you’ve demonstrated a solid-tight table image the check-raise will almost garner the desired result – maximum value for the hand in that particular situation.

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