Crazy casino success stories that will make you want to gamble

Gambling can be many things. It can be a mere form of entertainment where you shake off the “dirt” of exhaustion and irritation of the whole day; it might also be an addiction for some, sucking their finances till the last penny and making their lives miserable.

But sometimes – and not that rarely, gambling can be a source of actual income. Casinos across the world offer not only the tempting initial bonuses like this casino match bonus codes for Australians but they also keep this pace during the actual game, resulting in decent profits for punters.

What’s rare is to hit an astronomical jackpot with your modest wagers. You can hardly hear the stories of people scoring unbelievable payouts and returning home with loads of cash. On the contrary: people often call casinos deceptive establishments who rob people.

However, there are certainly cases when people get rich by gambling. In this article, we’re going to list several such success stories that have rocked the industry.

MIT Students and their card-counting trick

Let’s start with a more suspicious, and even fraudulent case of MIT Students. They were a group of students from the most prestigious universities like MIT, Harvard, etc, who devised a plan to make the game of Blackjack work at their advantage.

Now, the card-counting technique might be familiar to you, but chances are, you think it’s totally false. However, these students were probably the first ones to have ever used this method to get vast amounts of money.

As an end result, they were able to trick the whole casino establishment which, by the way, was able to detect individual card-counting occurrences and prevent them. However, when dealing with a group of genius students, no establishment was able to track their activities.

The group has eventually made tens of millions of dollars using this technique until they were caught and banned from ever entering any casino ever.

Lucky you, Sean Connery!

Now, let’s move to a more honest case of one of the most famous celebrities in the world. We all know Sean Connery from his role of agent James Bond in several 007 movies. In one scene of “Diamonds Are Forever”, Bond places a bet on number 17 at the roulette table and manages to win.

Now, this might be considered luck based on fiction, however, the number 17 does actually have a positive connotation for the actor. It was the same number Sir Connery placed his bet on when traveling in Italy in 1963.

To be fair, he lost the first two rounds. However, he maintained the same bet on the third round and was able to win 17 million Lire (about $200,000).

Time and perseverance do it all!

One of the most interesting and astonishing cases has happened in Wales. Back in the year 2000, Peter Edwards placed about $80 on his grandson. Yes, you heard it right! He wagered on his 3-year-old grandchild, Harry.

The deal was that if one day, Harry could make it in the Welsh National football team, Edwards would win a big jackpot. What a ridiculous bet, you would think, right?

Well, as it turns out, Harry actually got in the team thirteen years later. He made his debut as a Welsh player in a World Cup qualifying match against Belgium. As a result, Peter Edwards won $200,000 under the odds of 2500:1.

Another incredible success story can be found in one of Atlantic City’s casinos. A woman named Patricia Demauro got extremely lucky in a craps game.

She was able to avoid the combination of seven while rolling the dice 154 consecutive times. The streak lasted for several hours and as a result, Patricia broke the world record. Not only that, she won almost a million dollars.

“Luck-powered” jackpot

And finally, there’s a case of pure luck! There was a man named Archie Karas, who went to Las Vegas in 1992 with just $50 in his pocket. Now, Karas wasn’t a lucky player by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, he had recently lost a couple of millions of dollars in poker.

However, when it comes to one small window of luck, he was able to capture it. In Vegas, he discovered the came called Razz which predominantly rewarded low-valued hands instead of high-valued ones.

Not only was Karas able to cover his initial loan of $10,000 with interest, but also to score huge jackpots on several consecutive games. Overall, he was able to collect more than $40 million over the 3-year period.

Unfortunately for him, luck quickly left him and even though he became very famous, he eventually lost everything.

“Life is like a box of chocolates…”

All in all, there are many cases of lucky strikes that you may not have heard of. These cases might include success stories like Sir Sean Connery’s lucky 17, or Archie Karas’ multi million jackpots in Razz, or even scams like MIT Students’ card-counting technique.

You never know when your time comes to strike jackpot as high as those people did!

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