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Online Poker Rooms For US Players

In terms of online poker, you'll find that many online poker players from the United States were left without many sites to take their action to after Black Friday hit. This was a huge downer for players as they lost popular online poker sites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, and there was almost no where left for players to go to. Fortunately though, the online poker world in the United States has grown over the past year or two, and you are going to find that there are some great options out there today for players. Below we are going to take a look at a few of the top online poker sites for United States poker players, and break down exactly what they are going to offer players in terms of games, and many other aspects of the sites as well.

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Becoming A Good Online Poker Player

A number of years ago poker was simply a card game. By stating "just a card game" I imply that it had some recognition among people who play poker, but poker wasn't even close to being the trendy game it is today. I bet in the past few years you’ve seen ads for online poker in one form or another. The ads are all over the place – on TV, on trustworthy poker websites, on online media, on the radio, and at sporting events like the UFC. What made online poker so popular? My guess is that gambling a normal longing of a human being. And, with the discovery of the internet – poker games became even more fashionable because a lot of beginners can simply play free poker at any online casino or online poker room.

Unlike the NBA or Major League Baseball, average Joes actually have a chance to become successful online poker players. This is what makes the game of poker so incredibly popular. Everyone likes to see the underdog win. If you can play online poker successfully and build yourself up a nice bankroll it would probably be in your best interest to see how you would go at bigger games since there is potential for earning more money. However, you need to make sure that if you’re running extremely well, the chances are you’ve been hitting the deck hard, but you don’t want it to make you overconfident in your skills and ability, as this can have disastrous effects on your poker bankroll. Just be prepared to always drop down in limits if you’ve been experiencing a downswing or just to rebuild confidence.

Many online poker players understand that poker is largely a game of skill and that by improving through reading and studying the game it would increase the likelihood of earning a consistent profit. As a result, good online poker players are usually looking for any kind of edge they can find, so it isn't surprising to see poker poker players looking at Youtube videos, other poker video sites and of course one of the many poker training sites. Viewers believe they can pick up tells on live players by analyzing the action, sometimes even the commentary will provide analysis of the hand/tells, and even if they believe it unlikely that they are ever going to battle Phil Ivey at a final table, they believe they can learn much more about how top pros play.

While I have no doubt that careful study of each of these learning opportunities can produce great results on the virtual felt, rarely have I seen a better example of the old homily, "A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing." Online poker poker players should study the televised tournaments to get a better understanding of what playing styles lend themselves well to winning similar types of tournaments, and how to play different stack sizes. Players who fail to study the game when away from the felt will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage as they will continue to be making mistakes they don’t even realise they are making. Nonetheless, those who don't study carefully may find themselves worse off than if they had never studied at all.

It also helps to gain a better understanding of the psychology of poker. This is true regardless if you’re playing poker online or at a land-based casino. Of course, one of the great advantages of playing interactively online, they’re not going to be able to see you attempt to bluff them out of the pot! If you surf through the online online poker rooms you will see the familiar faces of online poker pros endorsing sites. For example, the likes of Tom Dwan, Viktor Blom, and Gus Hansen on Full Tilt. It would be easy to figure this out because while they’re actually playing at nosebleed NLHE and PLO cash tables, you can see their very own personalized avatars. Even when you’re not playing yourself, it can be immensely fun and exciting railing the high stakes games. Just don’t assume you can pull off the same bluffs in your regular games, as you will more than likely be playing against weaker players that don’t like to fold.

I might be making the idea of winning money playing online poker seem a lot of fun, but if you’re not prepared to work, come prepared to lose. Which, of course, there is no problem with if you play poker purely for the entertainment value. But if the plan is to become a solid online poker player with the goal of making money, you should understand there is a learning curve with the game, especially the higher levels you play where you will face better thinking types of players. After working on your own game for a while, you might find it bringing an entirely different kind of fun, nothing beats the feeling of making lots of money doing something you love. Here are some great poker rooms which allow USA players.

Bovada Poker

Bovada is one of the top all-around online gambling sites out there. This site is the United States version of the popular International gambling site Bodog, and it features all three of the big gambling options. This includes sports betting, online casino play, and of course their popular online poker room. Bovada has grown an incredible amount since it first opened to start the year of 2012. They feature a wide range of games and tournaments, but probably one of the best parts about this online poker room is their reliability and how quickly you can get a response from their customer service team if anything is needed.

For the Bovada online poker deposit bonus, all new players can get a 100% match on up to $1,000. This can give you a nice chunk of change to get your poker account going, and often times you'll find promotions that run throughout the year giving you the chance to earn even more free cash from the Bovada online poker room. Go to Bovada Review .

Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker has been a top online poker option for United States players for a long time, and this is a site that also gets a good amount International players as well, since the Merge Gaming Network as a whole has a strong reputation. Merge is the network in which Carbon Poker falls under, and their software is one of the best for United States players, and they have many things that you'll find enjoyable. It starts with their nice deposit bonus that is worth 200% on up to an incredible $5,000. This is the type of bonus that can really get your account going the right way, but they also make verifying your account very easy as well.

Deposits and withdrawals are both very simple, and Carbon Poker has worked their way into being one of the stronger online poker rooms out there. Before when Merge featured Lock Poker as well, it was Lock and Carbon at the top of the Merge Gaming Network. Lock made a move (more on this below), so now Carbon remains as the top option for players, and one that has constantly running cash games, and poker tournaments that feature great guarantees as well. Read Review

Lock Poker

Lock Poker is another top online poker site and while they were originally a part of the Merge Gaming Network, they made a move on their own in the past year. The move featured them purchasing the Cake Poker Network, and creating the Revolution Gaming Network. This move features an updated version of the Cake Poker software, and also gives players a great range of tournaments with big guarantees, large satellites, and a ton of cash games running around the clock as well. The move for Lock Poker was a big one, and so far it's drawn a whole lot of attention to their site. Read Review

New players to Lock are going to be able to earn a bonus that goes up to a whopping $4,000, and their promotions that run throughout the year are some of the most impressive in the business. On top of all of this, you can find some of the top names in poker as the feature pros at their site also.

BetOnline Poker

While the online gambling site BetOnline may make you immediately think of sports betting, this online poker room has grown quite a bit over the past few years. Their Betonline online poker room is now a great option for United States poker players, and this is an online gambling site that offers some great promotions for players. I'd say one of the best parts of their online poker room though is their constantly running games and how smoothly things run. The lobby is very easy to navigate as well, and you'll get a few nice perks from the BetOnline poker room as well.

A few of the perks that you'll find are going to include points that you'll earn from the site that can be turned into free cash, as well as great guaranteed tournaments and many different freerolls that players can take advantage of to get their online poker accounts going in the right direction. Full BetOnline Review

Aced Poker

On the merge network aced poker is a sister site at carbon poker. Great signup bonus and some pretty cool promotions. You should check out aced poker after claiming the carbon poker bonus. There are a few thousand online poker players from the USA that play at Aced, so finding a game wont be a problem.

Aced Poker's opening deposit bonus is perfect for all players. Whether you’re a high roller or just starting out, their 200% bonus up to a maximum of $5000 is suitable for you. In addition you will also earn a free entry into a $10,000 depositors freeroll. As long as you do not play Aced’s lowest possible game limits, it should be a piece of cake to release. Full Aced Poker Review.