The last day of the Australia's largest set of the poker tournaments, Aussie Millions, was closed by the Pot Limit Omaha game with a buy-in of 5,000 AUD. It has received a total of 65 entries, and as informed at, the winner named Espeen Solaas took away 100,815 AUD with him back home. The game lasted over 14 hours, even though the shot clock was set at just 20 seconds, leaving the players only limited time to take the decisions.

The second place was taken by the Aussie player named Raj Ramakrishnan, who was awarded 64,155 AUD. Another Australian, Allan Dabbajh, finished fifth and walked away with 24,440 AUD. The rest of the ITM players were foreigners. Polish players have taken back home over 60,000 AUD by taking the third and seventh place in the tournament. Dzmitry Urbanovich got a third place with total winnings of 42,770 AUD and his compatriot, Daniel Demicki, got out with 18,330 AUD. Jonathan Abdellatif from Belgium got a 33,605 AUD slice of the prize pool by finishing fourth and Thomas Levine from England received 21,385 AUD for his sixth place.

Even though the game featured quite a few regulars like Bryn Kenney and Jeff Rossiter, none of the famous players actually got in the money.

The event also had some interesting moment. Perhaps the funniest one is that Raj Ramakrishnan was actually playing Pot Limit Omaha for the first time in his life, yet the luck was definitely on his side. Even though Dzmitry Urbanovich was the leading in the cheap count more than anyone else, his chip count started to deplete quickly after he has lost a few hands. Finally, Dzmitry Urbanovich tested his fate on a flush draw flop and ended up losing the to Raj Ramakrishnan’s pair.

During the final game, both Espen Solaas and Raj Ramakrishnan had kings. However, the Norwegian player hit two of his other cards and walked away as a winner.

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